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The WalletMate Mobile Wallet NFC Reader is designed to facilitate mobile NFC applications. Certified by Apple and Google VAS (Value-Added Service) protocols, the WalletMate could bring ultimate cardless user experiences by supporting various virtual passes such as loyalty cards, tickets, and staff /student ID cards on both IOS and Android platforms. With the VAS protocol, users can enjoy an agile and convenient tap-to-go experience as the host terminal could select a specific wallet pass from the user's mobile through a unique merchant ID.

The WalletMate is developed based on 13.56MHz, it supports ISO 14443 Type A and B cards, MIFARE®, FeliCa, and ISO 18092–compliant NFC tags. It is certified by the NFC forum, making it capable of the three NFC modes, namely: card reader/writer, card emulation and peer-to-peer communication.

Compliant with both CCID and PC/SC, this plug-and-play USB NFC device allows interoperability with different devices and applications. It is thus ideal for integrating into various systems to support both physical smart cards and virtual wallet passes.

WalletMate comes with an optional stand to hold the reader at an optimal angle, so that users can tap mobile phone, contactless cards or NFC-enabled devices onto the the WalletMate with ease.

In addition, WalletMate is supported by the ACS VAS Test Tool, which is a tool developed by Advanced Card Systems Ltd. (ACS), intended to test NFC-enabled Apple Pay Passes and Google Pay Passes with WalletMate.

For stock availability and more details,please mail to enquiry@alphawireless.com.sg.

SecuMaster Door Access Readers now supports a multitude of local contactless cards! The latest is the NETS Prepaid Card, which is the latest payment card issued by NETS for travelling on public transport, shopping and dining. Other cards types already supported previously include EM, Mifare, HID, CEPAS-compliant EZ-Link/NETS Motoring Cards. NETS Motoring card is also known as NETS FlashPay. For more details, please email to enquiry@alphawireless.com.sg.

AlphaBio FacePalm face recognition and palm print access control terminal with palm print touch-less scanning. This is in answer to environments where surface contact is to be kept to a minimum. This terminal also supports optional contactless smart card scanning for situations where end user prefers to retain the use of their existing staff or door access cards. Supported card types include EM, Mifare & HID. Temperature and mask wearing check options can also be enabled. For more details, please email to enquiry@alphawireless.com.sg.

SecuMaster finger vein recognition access control terminal SMF-722A built with Hitachi finger vein module is highly suited for high security environments such as banks, data centres and government agencies. In addition to door acces control, this system also supports time attendance. SMF-722A comes with built-in user friendly web server and also supports SecuMaster STAMS central management software. Standard supported card type is Mifare while optional card types includes EM, HID and CEPAS. For more details, please email to enquiry@alphawireless.com.sg.

ASR1001U-SSID-CSN is Alpha Wireless Systems first USB Singapore Standard for Smart ID (SSID) or SS 529 SSID CSN keyboard wedge. While ASR1001U-SSID-CSN it is our standard USB SSID smart card reader, any additional customisation such as outputting other personal details such as NRIC number, supporting SAM authentication, etc is possible. Please email to enquiry@alphawireless.com.sg for more information.

Advanced Card Systems latest bluetooth models, ACR1255U Secure Bluetooth NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader and ACR3901U Secure Bluetooth Contact Smart Card Reader are now available at Alpha Wireless Systems. For more details, specifications, stock availability and customisation such as with fingerprint reader to read Malaysia MyKad ID cards, please email to enquiry@alphawireless.com.sg.

Alpha Wireless Systems will be launching its CEPASLink Gatekeeper series of mini Access Control System that selectively grants/restricts access to senior citizens, primary/secondary/tertiary students, NS men, persons with disabilities etc via their CEPAS TransitLink issued concession cards. For more details, specifications or even customisation, please email to enquiry@alphawireless.com.sg. Also launching soon will be the CEPASLink CashQuery, a mobile portable device which allows user to check CEPAS/EZ-Link/NETS FlashPay cards' balance. NETS Wireless CashCard is also supported.

SecuMaster will be launching Biosense 3T, its first colour screen, touch-pad, weather-proof 3-in-1 (fingerprint, card cum pincode) door access control reader from May 2015. For more details & specifications, please email to enquiry@alphawireless.com.sg.

X-Scan latest Falcon series wireless barcode scanner FALCON III (XL9310) now comes with wireless charging. For wired scanners, X-Scan has XL3956 for 2D (including QR code) barcodes reading, XL528 industrial grade for waterproof & dustproof capabilities and XL626 series scanners for cost effective laser scanning. X-Scan will be introducing its first RFID cum barcode reading scanner soon and last but not least an improved XL9038 for portable Bluetooth scanning. For more details & specifications, please email to enquiry@alphawireless.com.sg.

Garmin has recently expanded on its range of health and sports related products and Alpha Wireless Systems is pleased to continue its support for its products, in particular, Edge 200, Forerunner 10, Forerunner 15, Forerunner 220 and Forerunner 660. For Garmin's Into sports models & specifications: Keep moving!

Alpha Wireless Systems believes the time has arrived for HD-SDI CCTV cameras, also known as HD (High Definition) security cameras, to be more widely adopted. Such cameras are capable of capturing video surveillance footage at 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). These HD surveillance cameras must be used with an HD-SDI surveillance DVR. As such, we have brought in a wide range of HD-SDI cameras and dvrs.
Click for more camera details: iNOVA HD-SDI camera models & specifications
Click here for more DVR details: iNOVA HD-SDI DVR models & specifications

Going into the new year 2014, Alpha Wireless Systems is pleased to announce new members of Advanced Card Systems' products which it intends to promote. For the mobile devices market, we have ACR31 which is a magnetic card reader for mobile devices with the audio port and ACR38U-ND Pocketmate II for smart card reading via the microUSB port.
As for the contactless card market, which we foresee will grow even more this year, we have models such as ACR1251U (USB NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader II, a follow up model of ACS's wildly popular ACR122U), ACR1222L (USB Contactless Smart Card Terminal with LCD) and ACR89U-U2 (Handheld Contactless Smart Card Reader).
For mobile devices card readers (new category): ACS Mobile Card Readers details
For new contactless card readers: ACS Contactless Card Readers details
For handheld contactless card readers: ACS Handheld Contactless Card Readers details

In line with being an environmentally responsible company, Alpha Wireless Systems has brought in a new member of the SecuMaster family of door access controllers, the SMF831 Mini (CEPAS). The SMF831 Mini (CEPAS) allows a company to use its staff's existing EZ-Link, NETS FlashPay or even Concession cards to be used for its door access or time attendance needs. This eliminates the need to issue and manage a separate card system and minimises the situation where the employee claims he/she forgot to bring the access card.
For the full details on SMF831 Mini: More details

X-Scan™ Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner, FALCON XL9300, now has a new sibling, the FALCON II XL9309.
Use it for wireless barcode scanning outdoors (up to 300m in open space) and in offices, retail premises and warehouses.
Base station supports up to 99 scanners. In addition to a more sleeker outlook for the receiver, XL9309 boosts a faster scanning rate than XL9300.
For the full range of Laser Barcode Scanners: More details

For the new year 2013, Alpha Wireless Systems would like to showcase Advanced Card Systems' best selling models and introduce some of its new members at the same time! These card readers (ACR38U, ACR122U, EZ-Online-ACR122U and ACR1281-CEPAS-CAN), together, support a wide range of smart cards including EZ-Link CEPAS card, NETS CashCard, NETS FlashPay CEPAS card, Transit Link Concession CEPAS card, AutoPass NETS CashCard and AutoPass NETS FlashPay CEPAS card. Check out these models: ACS Product details

Finally unlocked high speed Huawei 3.75G/4G/LTE mobile wifi have reached Singapore shores! Check out these models: E5756 details E589 details E587 details HSDPA 14.4Mbps ORANGE E352 details Wireless Repeater WS320 details

More innovative and exciting products from Huawei! E355 mobile wifi router modem is both a 3G modem and mobile wifi hot spot supporting up to 5 wifi devices. E5331 mobile wifi hot spot keeps the 21Mbps HSPA+ speed of E586 but ditches the OLED display and uses LED icons instead. Following the E353, Huawei E303 now comes with HiLink software as well. Check out these models: E355 details E5331 details HiLink E303 details

Huawei launches new E587 mobile wifi modem router which supports DC-HSPA+ 43.2Mbps and E353 3G modem which supports HSPA+ 21.6Mbps! Check out these models and other current mobile wifi such as E586 and E560 and 3G modems E175 and E153: More details

We listens to YOU, our customer! Following our popular SecuMaster WebPass IP Reader, we proudly introduces SecuPass Standalone Pin Proximity Door Access Reader. SecuPass and WebPass are the among few readers out in the market that are IP65 rated. This makes both readers suitable for outdoor installations where the readers will be exposed to rain and dusty environments. Check out SecuPass

SecuMaster BF-630 / SMF631 / SMF670 series of fingerprint access control readers are among the few, if not the only, readers that support 3-in-1 fingerprint scanning, card reading and pin key-in capabities in a single device!
SecuMaster Product Updates:
1)WebPass Web-based Proxmity Pin Door Access Reader joins the SecuMaster family of door access readers. It is the few small form factor (i.e. compact) proximity pin reader that supports direct access/configuration via web browser. In other words, no client software needs to be installed onto the PC. Check out WebPass
2)SMF630 Fingerprint Door Access and Time Attendance Reader(also known as BF-630) and SMF830 (also known as BF-830) now comes with version that support direct Wiegand Input. Check out new SMF630
3)SMF631 (also known as BF-631) now comes with version that support CEPAS (EZ-Link/NETS FlashPay) cards.  Check out SMF631-CEPAS

Advanced Card Systems' new plug n play UID readers are now available in Singapore. ACR1281U-CEPAS Card Application Number (C.A.N.) contactless reader returns a CEPAS card's C.A.N. number without need to install additional software. CEPAS cards currently in circulation in Singapore includes EZ-Link card, TransitLink concession card and NETS FlashPay. With this reader, PC-based time attendance projects, loyalty programs, IT network secure authentication, student's library books borrowing management, etc will be much easier to implement. As for the ACR1281U-Mifare reader, it returns the UID of ISO14443 Part3A and Part4A compliant Mifare cards.

Alpha Wireless Systems is pleased to announce the latest members (SMF670C and SMF870C) of our SecuMaster series of door access and time attendance systems that supports CEPAS (EZ-Link, PAssion, fevo, NETS FlashPay, concession) cards: More details

We now carrythe following 3G products, including 3G mobile broadband modems (Huawei 3/Optus/O2/T-Mobile/Virgin E122/E1750/E169/E1550), 3G wireless routers (Huawei 3 E5830/E585/E583C), 3G antenna (Alpha1) and 3G connectors (SMA & CRC9): More details

Our barcode scanners include X-Scan™ Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner XL9300
(up to 300m in open space).
Use it for wireless barcode scanning outdoors and in offices, retail premises and warehouses.
Base station supports up to 99 scanners.
Range of Laser Barcode Scanners: More details

EZ-Link's ACS EZ-Online Reader ACR122U is available from 9 September 2009. Use it on the new EZ-Link CEPAS card to:-
    1) Check your balance,
    2) Check your transaction history (up to 30 transactions) and
    3) Top-up using your VISA or Mastercard credit cards (convenience fee
    waived for limited period) at the convenience of your office or home.
    Perform the above @ EZ-Online Services - Lifestyle made EZ with a click
List of Retailers: Location and contact
EZ-Online Reader: Features and details
EZ-Online Reader Installation CD: Latest version - v1.40

June 2009 arrival: iHome portable capsule iHM7 Mono & iHM77 Stereo Mini Speakers
Portable Mini Speakers: Hamburger, Capsule, Cyclone and Dancing Cube
Great sounds CAN come from small packages!



ProWitness Digital Video Recording System - New further enhanced firmware for best selling PC based CCTV surveillance software

Call 91289773 for more details.



Smart Card Readers such as ACR30U, ACR38U, ACR38K Keyboard (new!), NETS CashCard Readers (Online and Off-line(E-Wallets) versions), ...
Choices, choices;
and more choices!!!
Advanced Card Systems Ltd., Hong Kong www.acs.com.hk



Memory Card Readers & USB Speakers from Box2s (Hong Kong)



Alpha2 EzCAP (formerly known as EasyCAP) series Video Capture Products



Skype Products from IPEVO and iC@ll




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